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Since the awareness for the release of slave children from Yeji fishing communities, Apple staffs Jack Dawson, Emmanuel Agyepong, assisted by Mr. Opoku and Nsiah led the for front to achieved the following:-

Apple led IOM to identify and register 1000 slave children from 12 villages to later release over 500 children from 2002 to 2004.

Apple collected data on parents, children and fishermen and has designed intervention strategies into the conduct of retrieving children and reuniting them with their parents.

Apple become the major translator of the project into realities under IOM and design posters and Hand outs for the project. And now on her own and doing better with best practices of Anti- human trafficking

Apple staffs managed the transit camp at Yeji for IOM within the period of rescue and have now establish a Mini shelter ATEBUBU TOWN to keep rescued children before their reintegrated with their parents..

Apple monitored 528 assisted and reintegrated children in the Volta and Central Regions of Ghana and stopped work with IOM when they exploited our knowledge and laid us off in 2004.

The Information, Education and Communication campaign education of the child re- integration was carried out by Apple at the village level.

Apple managed the modalities of credit management for the parents of the child slaves who were reintegrated.

Apple`s effort at conducting a research into child slavery in 2001 on the Volta Lake at YEJI fishing communities and the exposure of the problems led to   the Government of Ghana to Promulgate the HUMAN TRAFFICKING ACT (694) in March, 2005.
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