» Key Toolkits And Publications
In addition to the activities we carry out on the field, APPLE has developed and published the following educational materials (see Figure 3 & 4):
  • Family planning flip charts and handouts for the YWCA and Lions Club
  • HIV/AIDS booklets and flip charts
  • Road safety booklets
  • First aid booklets for drivers
  • Dangers of electricity
  • Manual on adolescent reproductive health
  • Posters on: (a) credit, (b) population, (c) female genital mutilation, (d) HIV/AIDS,  (e) reproductive health for adolescents, (f) violence against women, (g) rights of the child, and (h) girl child education
  • Batik tie and dye training
  • Anti-human trafficking
  • Posters for 31st December Women's Movement
  • Poster on peer to peer education
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