» Methodological Approaches And Strategies
The enviable successes APPLE had achieved up-to-date were made possible due to generic application of more than one approach. APPLE's engagement with the grassroots civic institutions over decades showed that multidisciplinary approach to addressing community issues would work better rather than otherwise.
Prior to the commencement of each project, APPLE undertakes feasibility research to obtain information for the understanding of community needs. This also helps to design appropriate programs to realistically meet societal needs. Over years, the approaches have encompassed workshops, seminars, focus group discussion, film shows, dramas, exhibitions, advocacies and awareness creation. We interrelate and integrate these methods within a conceptual framework of ensuring greater participation of all people in governance and decision-making processes that influence their livelihoods choices. APPLE does not set rules during group work and participatory discussion but it instead creates open spaces to allow children, parents and everyone to interact and discuss issues openly. We promote participatory dialogues and negotiations with all our partners and community authorities. In the case of trafficked children, APPLE uses rights-based approach, which embraced training of Community Coordinators (COMCORDs) in both the sending and receiving communities (see Figure 1 & 3). COMCORDs create awareness in the fishing communities about the Human (Child) Trafficking Act in Ghana.
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