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Association of People for Practical Life Education (APPLE) is an independent, non-for-profit and human-centred organization with no political, racial, ethnic or religious inclination and affiliation. The Association was first established in 1977 in Accra by a group of development-oriented and open-minded Ghanaians who were concerned about the staggering pace of development and how thousands of people were increasingly not benefiting from developmental gains, especially at the grassroots. The primary objective of the APPLE then was to contribute to addressing non-formal educational needs and in the process give people who had no formal education the opportunity to make sound decision and actively participate in community development issues that affect their lives.

In the contemporary times, economic growth and rapidly changing development trends are generating many unique opportunities for different kinds of people. But, this change is producing complex social ills and life threatening crises as well such as acute poverty, civil conflicts, HIV/AIDS, cybercrime, and hunger, resulting into a growing public demand for innovative policy interventions. The desire of our organization to meet substantial aspects of these societal needs is strong and calls for the renewal of how responsibilities are performed on time, and the sustained commitment of financial donors to support the vision. In line to meet the needs of the society, APPLE has reviewed and strategically expanded its objectives in order to appropriately response to the changing needs of grassroots communities and the expectations of donors not only in Ghana but also in Anglophone West Africa. The present focus and one of APPLE's project objectives is to reduce child trafficking.

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